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Prophecies that tell of the soon coming terrifying and consoling events in these end times as revealed to Abbot David Michael in dreams and visions.

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Judgment in March 2017: Dream
by David Michael,
Gods of Pleasure and Prosperity
Midday on the 18th of July 2016, I was sleeping and I had a dream. In the dream I saw many peoples from every nation. They were doing what they normally do everyday in the making of money in buying and selling. I thought to myself, “So why am I hear?” Then a foreboding silence came upon the land and I heard what seemed like the loud voice of an angel speak these words.

Woe unto the earth! "

"You have worshiped your Luciferian gods of prosperity and pleasure and have become blindly enslaved by these false gods. They have become your masters to whom you bow down in worship. Soon... you will be given over to them in judgment without mercy. "

"You will have yet 7 months more to continue in your ways and then you will come into judgment.”

Then I saw the prosperous standing and waiting in bread lines and going out daily to rummage for food for the day. The supermarkets were empty except for a few government controlled grocery chains. Yet this food was only made available to those who have made a vow of complete obedience to the interim government created during what seemed to be Martial Law. Food was only given to those who were an asset to the new emerging dictatorial government. Millions were starving – even in America. Even the private stashes of food vanished in feeding the millions of hungry. What was two years of food stored away for a family of 3 is gone in an hour to feed hundreds.

New President
 The date given in this dream is the middle of March. It could be March 18th but my sense it is some time in the middle of March. The inauguration day in 2017 is January 20 at noon when the new president is sworn in. This event then occurs almost exactly 2 months after the new president would be sworn into office.  This may not occur giving way to martial law.

Time to Prepare
 It would appear that if this dream is correct, we have 7 months left to prepare before complete economic collapse. I strongly encourage each person reading this that they plan to be done with their preparations within 7 months and not any later. If it takes you two years to get a farm up and running, it will be too late. There is no growing season left between now and March in America except in the South. A normal type of farm will not work either unless already planted and producing.

My 7 Month Plan
 I have just returned to Tombstone, Arizona to make preparations. Green houses for winter growing of table veggies does work here without too much extra energy required for heating. I am thinking thermo solar panels to heat water in the day and circulate within the growing beds at night in pipes to keep the plants growing even in the cold winter nights that just reach freezing temperatures here.

I might opt for Hydroponic greenhouses on trailers so they are lighter and also mobile. That will be all that is needed. Goats for milk, cheese and meat and a mobile garden for veggies. I have just added almost 1000 watts of solar panels with 6 golf cart batteries to my truck for the energy needed to run this mobile farm and power tools. My guiding concept is a mobile farm in case we have to leave the area due to NWO military confiscation of food and supplies. It would be better to not be here then have to defend food in killing others. This always happens during a time of war.

Aquaponics and Goats

I have partnered with a friend in Tombstone to get his Aquaponics system up and running again and add milk goats to the food producing system.  Aquaponics system in dome pictured to the right.

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